September 18

I’m already tired of hearing of the French elections and all the petty squabbling everyone in every single party is getting into. Even the communists are in a fight with someone because they’d like to present a unified left (but not PS) candidate with the ecologists but some other party from the left doesn’t want to. And this isn’t the official election stuff, this is the “primaries”… since when do we have such public primaries? Must we always adopt the worst habits from other countries?


September 17 (1)

I drove down from LAX to Palm Springs in the middle of the night (for me, i.e. 10pm) and I had expected much worse from the rumours that go around of how the driving around LA is. The real shock came when I realised that I would really have to drive to get anywhere – the heat and lack of easily accessible and pleasant sidewalks weren’t all that fun.