About me


Hello, I’m Gali (hence the “Galinette”).

I’m a doctor, but not that kind of doctor and I’m also not the Doctor.

I’m currently back to living and working in the Helsinki area after some years spent in Spain. Although I grew up in three different countries, I consider Marseille, France, to be my hometown and hope to one day be able to come back for more than just a holiday.

This blog gives me a place to post photos from my photo-a-day project. That is why all my posts have a date in their title and sometimes the text doesn’t match the context of the photo. I try not to have more than a month of photo backlog but it’s not always possible.

This blog is also here as a continuation of my LiveJournal, which I gave up on after over a decade because of the lack of usability of the site with ad- and script-blockers (and also the new ToS as of April 2017).

You can find elsewhere: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr.

What is a “galinette”? It’s a small bird, supposedly especially in Provence, my homeland. It’s also mostly famous because of Les Inconnus and their skit on the hunters (“Les Chasseurs”).

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