September 18 (1)

Sometimes I forget that Halytch can be closer to a village than a town. 5000 people, some new houses. Many newer houses actually. Yet, maybe because I am more used to it and it’s closer to everything, I still prefer my grandma’s old house – no running water, no indoor toilet – to the “new” family house that my dad helped his dad build.


September 17 (2)

We visited family at the cemetery on my dad’s side. I can’t remember ever going there, certainly not the “old” cemetery, which is actually just right next to the “new” one. The old tombstones are a great reminder that this part of the country was part of Poland until 1939 (and part of other empires before that). I guess this is my great-great-granddad’s tomb by name but actually houses a few more family members, I guess they chose not to update the gravestone for the others.