October 12

From yesterday’s WTF Just Happened Today? newsletter: “Syria will join the Paris climate agreement, leaving the US as the only country to reject the global deal. France, meanwhile, said that Trump, “for the time being,” is not invited to December’s climate change summit in Paris.” Everyone is honestly treating him as a toddler, this is what the world has come to. I mean, this is equal to him not being invited to a birthday party while all the other children in the class are.


March 23

I woke up to a headline that represents rather well my general feeling about this year’s French elections and that feeling is, “wait… what?” And the headline that I saw was, “François Fillon est soupçonné de ne pas avoir rendu les bons costumes” (“François Fillon is thought not to have given back the correct suits”)… I’m saving reading the article for after my first three coffees.


January 13

The people who are shocked by the Penelope-gate are very naïve. The higher you get in that government, the worst it gets – there must be some kind of empiric law about it. The worst a clerk can do is probably steal office supplies but when you have the power to pay people, it gets on a whole new level.


September 18

I’m already tired of hearing of the French elections and all the petty squabbling everyone in every single party is getting into. Even the communists are in a fight with someone because they’d like to present a unified left (but not PS) candidate with the ecologists but some other party from the left doesn’t want to. And this isn’t the official election stuff, this is the “primaries”… since when do we have such public primaries? Must we always adopt the worst habits from other countries?


June 17

I lead such an exciting life that I decided to embrace the fact that there was no more grenadine syrup left at the El Corte and got this peach stuff. I am that wild. In other news, I love how there is a “pause estivale” (summer break) when it comes to demonstrations and other social actions in France. It’s one thing to be against a new law that the government brought in but it’s a whole other thing to lose out of holidays.