June 18

Behind the scenes, I’ve been having quite a few days where things were more or less blue all the time. I remember the day this photo was taken – it was so nice outside but I really couldn’t be bothered to go for a walk. Just went to the gym and then to the shop.


May 27

I’m now in a race to finish two books before I have to bring them back in three days. They’re quite popular so I can’t renew them and putting another hold on them would only mean that I’ll get them again in a year’s time (if I’m lucky).


January 9

Fun fact – it would cost me less to go to the Viikki office than the Otaniemi one (and I could if I wanted to) but there is no metro to the Viikki office and I don’t like waiting for the bus outside in the snow. And the 70 is always a few minutes late, always! At least the metro comes every 2 minutes and the platforms are inside.