September 1

In case it wasn’t evident – I am taking a bit of a break. It started because I thought I would post stuff during my holidays and that did not happen (mainly because holidays can get busy sometimes), and it continued because I’m starting to think I should rethink my posting schedule and habits. I usually edit/post stuff at 6:30am and I simply no longer want to do that. Maybe I’ll switch to editing/posting once a week and schedule ahead for the whole week. Who knows!


June 9 (taken on June 10)

Sometimes I fail. But you know who didn’t fail? Iceland! Their victory over England just made me so happy and I’ll be cheering for them when they’ll be playing against France. I mean, have you seen their faces? They’re always so happy to win things and their fans are always so happy and I want their Euro adventures to go on… and I really should go to Iceland soon.