August 23

There is this interview of one of the Myst creator (Myst is, btw, the game that got me into gaming) making the rounds where he says that, “I now realize a lot of it, a majority of it, had to do with luck. And I think that’s how the world works. I think a lot of people work very hard, and they don’t get lucky. (…) You were in the right place at the right time and did a lot of hard work, but a lot of people do hard work.” I basically agree 100% with this and it describes very well how I’ve felt my life so far has worked out. Sure I got a PhD and that was a lot of work but I definitely got lucky to get a call to work where I work. And the same goes for everything in my life before that… I used to feel guilty about having been lucky a bunch of times but then I imagine that statistically I got “unlucky” many more times, I just don’t remember them all (e.g. the collection of rejection emails to my job applications that sit in a dedicated folder).


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